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Retirement Education Homeroom

Nationwide 46% of a teacher’s retirement income won’t come from a pension.

What’s Your Income Gap?

How much will teachers in the United States need for retirement?

Are you prepared?

U.S. teachers: Class is now in session

What could your retirement income gap look like?

Select a profile to discover how much of an income gap is expected for teachers like you.

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Lauren – Age 45

Current Salary

Years Left to Work

Salary at Retirement

20 years
Brad – Age 25

Current Salary

Years Left to Work

Salary at Retirement

35 years
Renee – Age 60

Current Salary

Years Left to Work

Salary at Retirement

0 years
Goal: Maintain current lifestyle in retirement

All of these scenarios use hypothetical salaries and wage increases based upon national and state average teacher salaries. Public school employee wages are dependent upon position and geographical location. State pension payments are hypothetical based upon aggregate state pension payments made at retirement age and years of service. Actual state pension benefits are dependent on state of employment, age at retirement, and length of service within the system. Source: Fast Facts and Figures About Social Security, 2017 Chartbook.

Plan now to bridge the gap with these easy steps:

A retirement savings plan, like a 403(b) plan offered through your school system, allows you to contribute pre-tax dollars (reducing your taxable income) and grow your savings on a tax-deferred basis. Simply follow the steps below to learn more.


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Take note of your income gap, teachers

Most financial advisors say you’ll need at least 70% of your pre-retirement income to maintain your current lifestyle in retirement—income that may come from your pension, Social Security, personal savings and investments. Many teachers rely heavily on their state-funded pensions, so it’s important to know how much you can expect from your pension, and how much you’ll need to cover on your own.


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